Recommended Car Maintenance Service Intervals


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Have you ever wondered when exactly you should address certain issues within your vehicle? If so, we have your back at Rosen Automotive Family which spans across Greenfield, Madison and Milwaukee. Our Service Center provides great service day in and day out to customers and we want to make sure you have a satisfactory experience. The knowledge of when to get your vehicle in the shop is paramount to the longevity of it.

Oil Change Service

Needless to say an oil change service for your vehicle needs to be done in order for it to run smoothly in the future. The recommended amount of time to wait between appointments is about every few thousand miles to ensure optimal overall health of your vehicle. This should not be a problem as our efficient and experienced team members should be finished on the same day depending on the time.

Tire Rotation Service

As time goes on, your tires start to build up some wear which affects the overall performance of the vehicle itself. Specifically this can mess with the ability to brake smoothly which can spell trouble. The recommended allotment of time to wait is in the realm of just about 10,000 miles.

Transmission Fluid Change

This particular service has much more leeway than most with about half of the vehicle’s lifespan around 100,000 miles. The fluid change can enhance your engine’s ability to thrive as the years pile up and also advance your overall fuel economy.

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Automotive services are so important to sustaining a quality driving experience throughout your time owning a vehicle. It is always great to know when in fact to begin considering certain services so you’re not left wondering what to do. If you are in need of a service, please contact us or schedule a service at Rosen Automotive Family.

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